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Fabric Guide

TypesNamesLoved ForDrawbacks
CottonIndia, Pima/Supima®, OrganicLarge variety of uses. Soft yet very durable and releases dirt easily in water.Higher thread counts can reduce wrinkles but may also sleep warmer.
"Wrinkle free cotton" requires harsh chemical treatments that eventually wash out returning the fabric to it's natural state.
EucalyptusTencel®, LyocellSilky smooth softness, low wrinkle, superior moisture wicking, high performance, sustainable, anti-microbial.Can be more expensive than other textiles like cotton or blends.
BlendsCotton + Polyester is most commonLess expensive. Low wrinkle without added chemicals.Blends wear out faster than 100% cotton or other natural textiles. Adding polyester creates extra heat unlike natural breathable fabrics.