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All Natural Cotton Quilted Mattress Pad (60% off)

all natural cotton mattress pad
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Get Comfy!
This is European craftsmanship at its finest with Ecolabel and Oeko-Tex certification. Our natural cotton pad is soft, durable, and provides a comfort layer that goes on your mattress just like a fitted sheet with encased elastic all the around the opening. Undyed and unbleached natural combed cotton is used inside and out so it's 100% natural and 100% cotton. Washable too!  But don't worry we know what you're thinking... the cotton batting fill inside is carded which means it won't shift or get lumpy after laundering and performs as a barrier against skin oils and perspiration. Imported from Spain.

Part Number: All Natural Cotton Mattress Pad
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PLEASE NOTE:  This cotton pad does NOT provide waterproof protection. 

  • Included: One mattress pad (split bed sizes have two pads)
  • Outer shell: 100% natural combed cotton shell
  • Batting fill: 100% natural virgin carded cotton
  • Undyed and chemical free - no formaldehyde, dyes or bleach
  • Oeko-Tex factory certified & Ecolabel product certified
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

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